Thumped and undressed before the friend

Friendly wine parties always come to an end in
unexpectedly. Though, this guy, most likely, foreknew that evening to end with global ebly. A grant how to leave a frendzona rather simple-alcohol. Here and this pretty girl, for example, thumped and undressed before the friend. Here so to friendship the end also comes. It is unlikely the guy knew that his girlfriend is so sexual-in lace black lingerie and a red corset moreover and with drunk dissolute eyes this maid is especially good. It's clear that business will not be limited to demonstration of all delights, differently in what sense? And the guy successfully takes business in hand rather takes in hand a breast of the former girlfriend, sticks lips to her tummy and systematically makes the way down, to lacy shorts, there, where it fairly become wet cat … already waits for

Probably, friendship the end came. Though, considering the girl's forms, it is strange that the guy did not give to drink this pretty girl earlier. For the sake of such night it is worth risking friendship. And sex between friends-a commonplace. Usual pleasant business.


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